Stan Jones was born and raised in Clover Bend, Arkansas, where he and his family have been farming for over five generations. Whenever he wasn’t helping his father with their small farm he could be found pursuing wildlife in the river bottoms along the Black River. Stan grew over the years into an extreme hunter but today he’s more of a conservationist, a steward of the land. Although, Stan has always loved deer hunting and pheasant hunting, his true passion is duck hunting.

Stan ran a successful guide service for over thirty years but he always dreamed of giving hunters the ultimate duck hunting experience. Today that dream has become a reality. As Stan’s farm land grew and he became more and more successful, he was diligent to purchase rice ground that he knew ducks preferred, and then give them the food and rest they needed. As a result, Stan has some really unique properties that the ducks are imprinted too, which has resulted in not only some of the best duck hunting ground in Arkansas, but the entire country.

Stan graduated from Arkansas State University, with a finance degree; where he also had a great football career for the Indians. Stan loves spending time with his mother Delois, his son Britt, his daughter-in-law Randi, his daughter Lindsey, son-in-law Matt and especially with his grandchildren Jett, Olivia, and Luke.